Do you ever take videos on your cell phone and think, hey, I want to edit this 30-seconds of my dog running in circles on my phone and get it online right now? If so, you're in luck. According to Info World, Samsung Electronics will add video editing and production functions to a new cellphone so users can shoot, edit, and upload videos to Internet video sites without using a computer. The Samsung SCH-B750 phone will shoot CIF-resolution images (352 pixels by 288 pixels) and include software to edit the images and do limited production work, such as adding a caption or background music. Once done the videos can be immediately uploaded to online sites. It will apparently cost around $655, which is right at the same price point as the iPhone.

The SCH-B750 isn't the only phone with such capabilities, apparently Casio Computer recently launched a digital still camera with a dedicated mode for shooting YouTube videos and companion software that can upload the clips to the web. So I guess it's "point, shoot, edit, click" now?

Source: Gizmodo and Infoworld