Science-Themed Wedding

A Scientifically Elegant Wedding

A Scientifically Elegant Wedding

Planning a wedding requires a bit of scientific alchemy in itself, so when science pros decide to form a cohesive bond for life, expect to see lab work come to life. This wedding inspiration session — titled "Science of Love — was planned by Unique Event Design and shared with us by Mariana Mosli of Kismis Ink Photography. Shot at the Museum of Science and Industry in Tampa Bay, FL, the event reflects the interests and careers of the couple down to tiny details to use a square-root symbol in paper goods to reflect the bride and groom's shared first initial.

From the Periodic Table of Friends and Family that serves as a seating chart, food with a dash of molecular gastronomy, and beakers that serve as simply beautiful vases, read on for a look at how romantic science can be.


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