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See In The Dark With Brightfeet Lighted Slippers

How fantastic are these? Now when you stumble out of bed at two am for a stroll to the bathroom or fridge, you'll have something to light the way for you!

The brightfeet lighted slippers are equipped with long-lasting battery-operated LED bulbs which light up only in the dark while you are standing in them. Basically, it's like having slippers with headlights... just think of all the money you'll save on flashlights and nightlights! These slippers look relatively cozy and comfortable and come in small, medium, and large for men and women. Priced at $40.

By night I recommend the brightfeet lighted slippers and by day the Hello Kitty USB slippers!

To see a full gallery of these slippers, with close-ups and action shots, read more

lighted slippers 2

lighted slippers 1

lighted slippers 5

lighted slippers 3

lighted slippers 4

lighted slippers 6

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