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Seven Things the Apple iPhone 3G S Didn't Come With

7 Things Apple Didn't Include in the iPhone 3G S

Who doesn't love a new iPhone?! Although the iPhone 3G S is nearly identical to the iPhone 3G on the outside, it certainly has a few more (desperately needed) bells and whistles on the inside. But after all the excitement from the WWDC liveblogging action, I got a second to catch my breath, and tally all of the things the new iPhone 3G S is missing. Yes, there are a few things missing, and the first one is kinda obvious:

  1. More Carrier Options: I think if Apple allowed more carriers to offer the iPhone, it would totally take over the market. I can't tell you how many people I've talked to that want the iPhone, but won't take the plunge because they either dislike AT&T, or just don't want to change providers.

To see the remaining six things Apple could add to the iPhone to make it just that much better, just read more.

  1. Lower Upgrade Prices: And I quote directly from Apple's product page: "For non-qualified customers, including existing AT&T customers who want to upgrade from another phone or replace an iPhone 3G, the price with a new two-year agreement is $499 (8GB), $599 (16GB), or $699 (32GB)." Now that's highway robbery.
  2. Camera Flash: It's great that Apple is giving us a great new 3 megapixel camera with auto focus, auto macro, and auto white balance, but what about a flash for those super low light situations? I was hoping . . .
  3. Push Email: The iPhone would be my all-in-one business and pleasure phone if I didn't have to obsessively have to check my inbox. Nuff said.
  4. Ability to Run More Than One App at Once: It's a pain in my rear when I am knee deep in a sweet Tetris game and receive a text message. I then have to exit Tetris, and enter the messaging app. Is there a way to pause one app while you open another? Well, is there!?
  5. Colors: Remember when the first iPod was just plain white, and then all of the sudden a rainbow of iPod Mini's, iPod Nano's and iPod Shuffles washed over us? Yeah, that would be awesome now too.
  6. Flash support: With the majority of websites using flash embedded videos, and some of the funnest games out there being flash, it would make sense to have this added feature. I mean, if you want us to surf the web on this little gadget, not to mention that some websites are all Flash, let us do what you made this phone to do — play games, surf the web, and you know, make some calls here or there.

Is there anything you wish the iPhone 3G S had on board?

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