Sexiest Toothbrush Ever?

They call it the "sexiest travel toothbrush on earth" (or at least Design kingpin, Josh Spear does) and despite not being sure what makes a toothbrush sexy, I'm pretty convinced. The OHSO was engineered to be the ultimate travel toothbrush, as in useful and durable. According to the company's CEO it's loved by "travelers, rock stars and road warriors."

It's self-dispensing so toothpaste is stored in the handle for safekeeping. The window shows you how much paste is in the chamber and when you turn the knob clockwise the paste is dispensed though the rubber nozzle on the bristle head. Sexy, right? Even sexier? It kinda resembles the OhMiBod.

I'm into it because it's refillable and works with any type of toothpaste. Also it was designed not to leak - except for the small nozzle tip, toothpaste is never exposed to the air. So it should never "gum up" in the chamber. For a video about how it works and a photo gallery, read more





Comes in chrome or clear for $19.95.