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Sexy, Customizable And Artistic Speakers

What more could a geek ask for? Sure flower child speakers or novelty circular speakers are fun and add some flair to your desktop, but what do you do when you're looking for speakers that add quality sound and elegance to your living space? One designer has decided that speakers don't have to be clunky blocks of wood or metal you tuck away into the corner of your room. Masquerade has introduced a line-up of customizable speakers that cater to your artistic needs as well as your audio ones.

The Masquerade product line includes loudspeakers, sub woofers and projection screens covered in sound-permeable printed art fabric. The company's loudspeakers range from 50W to 90W DC and are 7 cm deep. It offers a wide range of designs, from nature prints to buildings. You can even go one step further in customizing your speakers, and send them your own images to have them printed on your Masquerade speakers. For a gallery of photos, read more






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