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Behind the Scenes on Sherlock Season 3

Feb 3 2014 - 5:01pm

It's back to the waiting game for fans of the BBC's Sherlock, as the final episode of season three [1] aired in the US on Sunday. While we might not have to wait two years between seasons again — rumor has it new episodes will air Christmas Day 2014 [2] — the lack of new Sherlock-Watson antics will still make those 10 months feel mighty long.

While you wallow in the (temporary!) end of Sherlock, take a look behind the scenes with pictures from the cast and crew themselves on set of season three. If you haven't seen the new episodes, spoilers right ahead!

Source: Twitter user SteveLawes [3]

We know this scene produced one sexy GIF [4], but the series production designer gives us a look into that heart-stopping moment that's post-hair toss and pre-fan screaming, with the caption: "The most difficult of scenes !!" [5]

Source: Twitter user arwelwjones [6]

"Face off!"

Source: Twitter user arwelwjones [7]

"And here's me at the front door. Helpfully, I'm pointing out the number." — Louise Brealey who plays Molly Hooper.

Source: Twitter user louisebrealey [8]

"Since you've all been so nice — apart from the odd man who wanted to fuck me in half — here's Rupert in Una's hat." — Louise Brealey

Source: Twitter user louisebrealey [9]

"What do you mean you didn't press the shutter!" From Steve Lawes, director of photography on the second episode, "The Sign of Three," with a totally different perspective on the flashing cameras when Watson and Mary emerge from the church on their wedding [10] day.

Source: Twitter user SteveLawes [11]

Getting the perfect just-jumped-from-the-rooftop scarring isn't easy.

Source: Twitter user SteveLawes [12]

Before fake Sherlock dropped from the rooftop, he checked out the view with some help from the crew.

Source: Twitter user SteveLawes [13]

Somehow this moment, as shared by director of photography Steve Lawes [14], didn't make it to the final cut of season three.

Source: Twitter user SteveLawes [15]

Amanda Abbington, who plays Mary Morstan, John Watson's wife, thanked the crowd who turned out to glimpse a view of Sherlock season three filming: "And that's a wrap . . . " [16]

Source: Twitter user CHIMPSINSOCKS [17]

You thought 221b Baker Street was a real apartment? "A view from the back of 221" tweeted by pannerscenery [18] says otherwise.

Source: Twitter user pannerscenery [19]

The making of that scary tube car from episode one, "The Empty Hearse."

Source: Twitter user arwelwjones [20]

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