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Sherlock's Return Causes an Internet Fandom Meltdown

Jul 2 2014 - 5:52pm

You may have heard some strange noises coming through the Internet pipes today — the sound of a fandom having a bit of a breakdown at the news that Sherlock is, in fact, returning for a fourth season [1]. With shooting not even beginning until January 2015, fans have a long time to wait. So the news was met with all sorts of conflicting emotions from shock to joy to sorrow to deep anger at the show's creators.

Take a peak at how the Interwebs dealt with the news and tide yourself over until 2015 with a look back at Sherlock season three [2].

Source: BBC [3] via Giphy [4]; Front Page Image Source: Twitter user SteveLawes [5]

This was breaking news in the UK.

Source: Twitter user rajivnathwani [6]

The BBC had some evil fun with the Sherlock announcement.

Source: Tumblr user supernaturally-marvelous [7]

"After that announcement we will be as rude as we want, thank you very much"

Source: Tumblr user judgementalshrub [8]

Remember, there is light at the end of this tunnel.

Source: Tumblr user startingwiththeridingcrop [9]

BBC, you are such a tease.

Source: Tumblr user fivedollarsxd [10]


Source: Twitter user Timelordswife [11]

"Sherlock Fandom waiting for January 2015 #221back"

Source: Twitter user TheDeductionGod [12]


Source: Twitter user Elleh_Bells [13]

"Dear Sherlock fandom #221back"

Source: Twitter user TheDeductionGod [14]

"Sherlockians right now:
#221back #221backsupportgroup"

Source: Twitter user fangirlfreak21 [15]

"After the #221back announcement"

Source: Twitter user targaryean [16]

"#221back COME ON!!!!!!"

Source: Twitter user Cumb3rc00k13 [17]

New seasons
New episodes
New cases
New murders
Another beloved character will die"

Source: Twitter user Freecumberman [18]


Source: Twitter user keepmesafeniall [19]

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