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Shower With Colored Lights Shatters My Bathtub Dreams

My BFF and I were having dinner Monday night and our topic turned to the fact that she is going to have to move out of her beautiful apartment soon and is worried she will never find a place with such ample closets and a cool claw-foot tub - both strict requirements for San Francisco dwelling.

I thought I was just as hung up on the idea of always having a Victorian bathtub as she is until I saw this amazing shower created by Signorini Design, which uses slim metallic blocks and attached lights to rain down the water in color.

The water is lit with red, yellow, green and blue lights for a dramatic - albeit geeky effect. "I'm just glad they finally made a shower that's as classy as I am," says Geekologie. "Now I can finally shower in my tuxedo and monocle and not have to worry about feeling out of place." Touché. Touché.





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