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Shuffle Headband - Wrap Your Head Around This

The genius people at Thanko are selling a headband that houses an iPod Shuffle. While there is nothing chic about a workout headband, I believe this one serves a much better purpose than that neon thing my mom gave me so I can "stick out in the crowd" - those were her exact words - when I am running.

It's also a nice, subtle silvery/gray which I appreciate for its chic-factor. While I can't read Japanese, the pictures tell me your shuffle fits in the little opening in the band, it can be controlled by a mini controller. Apparently if you carefully place a swim cap over it, the headband will even allow you the luxury of swimming laps while listening to your favorite tunes. Seriously people, I don't make this stuff up. More pictures after the jump, read more








Gizmodo reports: "The Vonia is no ordinary 80s headband, though: you can connect an iPod shuffle, put it inside the sweatband's small pouch and start listening to your disco music using bone-conduction technology, which allows you to listen to sound using vibrations, which travel from the emitter to your inner ear using your skull."


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