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10 Signs Email Has Completely Taken Over Your Life

Dec 9 2014 - 1:33pm

Waking up to 200 unread messages is a scary, scary thing — but we've all been there. If you spend your days feeling bombarded by email after email, it may be time for a major intervention [1]. While it may be too late for Spring cleaning [2] this year, you owe it to yourself to break away from the prison that is holding you hostage — your inbox. So, scroll through to see how many of these 10 awful truths apply to you, and just know, you're not the only one!

Source: HBO [3]

You spend 20 minutes every morning just hitting delete

Source: HBO [4]

You have more labels than you can count, and those labels have labels, too

Source: Paramount [5]

Replying to every urgent email on your list feels like a serious accomplishment

Source: NBC [6]

Spending two hours scrubbing the floor sounds like a better chore than sorting through unread messages

Source: Disney [7]

You resend yourself important emails because otherwise they would just get buried

Source: Fox Searchlight [8]

Checking your spam folder is like watching a horror movie — terrifying

Source: Paramount [9]

"I never saw the invite" has become your go-to response, and your friends are not pleased

Source: HBO [10]

You've given up on ever getting your emails down to zero [11]; it will never happen

Source: Bravo [12]

You have unread emails from before Christmas. Oops!

Source: Warner Brothers [13]

Handling your inbox is more emotionally demanding than your pets (or your boyfriend)

Source: ABC [14]

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