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15 Signs You're a Netflix Addict and Don't Even Care

Mar 4 2016 - 6:45pm

All hail Netflix! This amazing website has something to fit every mood; whether it's a drama, romance, or something silly, Netflix always gives us just what we need. But sometimes our affection for the site can start to feel a little too serious. When weekend plans are cancelled to make way for a Scandal marathon, it's a sign that there may be a problem. Take these 15 GIFs as extra clues that it's time to rethink our relationship with this special friend.

Source: CBS [1]

This is your worst nightmare.

Source: Twitter user iCarleighh [2]

You keep telling yourself "just one more episode" until suddenly, it's morning.

Source: Netflix [3]

You think it's Christmas when new seasons are added.

Source: Warner Bros. [4]

Netflix knows you so well, it's creepy.

Source: Reddit user ridiculousk via imgur [5]

You can't remember how many people you've given your password to.

Source: Warner Bros. [6]

Your biggest life frustration is trying to find a movie you haven't seen.

Source: Channel 4 [7]

You've seen more documentaries than you thought possible.

Source: CNN Films [8]

You judge people who don't know what OITNB means.

Source: Netflix [9]

You have no problem binge-watching seven seasons straight.

If there's no wifi at the gym, you aren't working out.

Source: Activate Apparel [10]

You refuse to talk to anyone who might ruin the Breaking Bad finale for you.

Source: AMC [11]

Once a series is finished, you have no idea what to do with yourself.

Source: Fox [12]

You've got Comcast on speed dial in case this happens.

Source: Netflix [13] via 9to5Mac [14]

You've promised to never watch an episode without your significant other (and then watched it anyway).

Source: Bravo [15]

You have no idea what cable TV is anymore.

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