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12 Animal Memes That Make Us LOL

Apr 30 2015 - 8:35am

Just about everywhere you turn there's a silly animal meme: advice animals, grumpy cats, and puns galore. These cute pictures of pets with commentary are shared like crazy on Instagram. From dogs who can't wait to make breakfast to cats telling it like it is, here are 12 of the silliest snort-out-loud pet memes that guarantee a good laugh.

Car Happy

This cat isn't as excited as her pup pals about taking a car ride.

Source: Instagram user daniellemylove [1]


Someone's seriously hungry for dinner.

Source: Instagram user memes_daily [2]

Helpful Pup

Here's a dog that is proud of his work.

Source: Instagram user xianmercado [3]

Blissed Out

How cute is this happy dog?

Source: Instagram user abel_k22 [4]

Stalking Kitty

This cat is a bit of the jealous type.

Source: Instagram user mariieeceleste [5]

Ready For Anything

Who wouldn't want to go on an adventure with an alpaca?

Source: Instagram user xanthe93 [6]

Poor Puppy

Hopefully this dog gets good news from his attending doctor.

Source: Instagram user alecmcafee [7]

Breakfast Time

This dog chef is ready to whip up something seriously delicious.

Source: Instagram user hanahbis [8]


Grumpy Cat doesn't like these plants, at all.

Source: Instagram user ilaugh_memes [9]

Hide Your Hamster

A reminder to keep small animals secured in cages, lest you get the wrong kind of fairy-tale ending.

Source: Instagram user thejulietsimms [10]

No Teasing, Please

Here's a corgi [11] that's unsure if he's being teased.

Source: Instagram user leaderofthewhoreclan [12]

Honest Confession

Hopefully this sweet pup won't actually turn your home into a big mess.

Source: Instagram user meld_fitness_journey [13]

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