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Need a Laugh? These Animal Memes Should Do the Trick!

Oct 16 2015 - 1:25pm

Just about everywhere you turn there's a silly animal meme: advice animals, grumpy cats, and puns galore. These cute pictures of pets with commentary are shared like crazy on Instagram and Tumblr. From dogs who can't wait to make breakfast to cats telling it like it is, here are some of the silliest snort-out-loud pet memes that guarantee a good laugh.

— Additional reporting by Sarah Lipoff

Car Happy

This cat isn't as excited as her pup pals about taking a car ride.


Someone's seriously hungry for dinner.

Helpful Pup

Here's a dog that is proud of his work.

Blissed Out

How cute is this happy dog?

Stalking Kitty

This cat is a bit of the jealous type.

Ready For Anything

Who wouldn't want to go on an adventure with an alpaca?

Poor Puppy

Hopefully this dog gets good news from his attending doctor.

Breakfast Time

This dog chef is ready to whip up something seriously delicious.


Grumpy Cat doesn't like these plants, at all.

Hide Your Hamster

A reminder to keep small animals secured in cages, lest you get the wrong kind of fairy-tale ending.

No Teasing, Please

Here's a corgi [1] that's unsure if he's being teased.

Honest Confession

Hopefully this sweet pup won't actually turn your home into a big mess.

Plotting Revenge

Cats are always around . . . always watching.

If I Fits

I sits.

How's the Weather?

Not humid at all.

Aww, Shucks.

You're so kind.

Back in My Day

Kids these days have it so easy.

Caught Red Handed


Dancing Machine

Are you ready for this?

Guardian Angels

Please stand back.


Gotta make sure everyone knows I'm here!

Beauty Queen

Ready for a close-up.


Are you impressed yet?

You Got Some 'Splainin' to Do

Go ahead.

Om Nom Nom

All the doughnuts!

Not Today, Boss

No thanks.

Because I Love You

What better reason?

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