Skinny iPad 2 Case With Keyboard

iWant: Hatch & Co Skinny iPad 2 Case

iWant: Hatch & Co Skinny iPad 2 Case

It's not often that I crave a keyboard for my iPad 2, but this hot white leather Hatch & Co Skinny iPad 2 Case ($75) is hard to resist.

This ultrathin case comes with a Bluetooth touch keyboard (no buttons, just slim raised edges), smart keys to control volume and language, and a smart cover so your iPad goes to sleep when you're done working as to save the battery. The case's battery lasts up to two weeks on its own (six weeks on standby), so you won't have to worry about constantly finding an outlet.

It's a hot little number, and one that I could definitely see myself toting on work trips. Get a better look for yourself in the gallery!