Slacker Radio Review

Slacker Radio Gets a Competitive Makeover

Slacker Radio Gets a Competitive Makeover

Don't hand off all your music funds to Pandora and Spotify just yet, as Slacker Radio unveiled a robust redesign that might have you reconsidering your preferred Internet radio service. With a browser option; iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry apps; and Xbox console app, you can get your Slacker on most platforms and in an easier fashion thanks to the new tile user interface. It comes in three packages: the free ad-supported option, Radio Plus ($4 per month) for ad-free unlimited song skips and song lyrics, or the Radio Premium ($10), which offers albums and songs on demand and the option to create playlists

We tested out the revamped Slacker, and were taken by the straightforward system and endlessly customizable options. Read on for more on why this might be the music recommendation droid you've been looking for.


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