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Hacking Isn't Your Only #SnapchatProblem

Jan 3 2014 - 11:31am

Sending selfies got a little more complicated when hackers recently collected the usernames and phone numbers [1] of more than four million Snapchat users. But as it turns out, hacking isn't the only problem facing the photo messaging app. On a more serious note, can't Snapchat come up with a "Snap All" button already? At least that's what some Twitter users think. Here, we bring you the best of the hashtag #Snapchatproblems. Have a look, and get ready for some laughs (before you check to see if you were hacked [2], of course).

Let's Get This One Out of the Way

Snapchat promises to make the app more secure after leak of 4.6mln usernames http://t.co/Xz3PRAYHKS [3] #SnapchatProblems [4] #snapchatleaked [5]

— Digit (@digitindia) January 3, 2014 [6]

OK, Now For the Funny Stuff . . .

There's that one friend whose snapchats you have to look at when no one's watching just in case they're inappropriate. #SnapchatProblems [7]

— Snapchat Problems (@SnapchatProbbz) September 27, 2013 [8]

So Annoying

Never ever know whether snapchats are to only me or everyone #snapchatproblems [9]

— Cassie McNeill (@CassieMcNeill) December 30, 2013 [10]

Oh, It's Exactly What She Thinks

'Maddie are you in the bath' 'yeh mum why' 'why can I hear you taking photos' 'it's not what you think' #snapchatproblems [11]

— maddiedutfield (@maddiedutfield) June 12, 2013 [12]


I hate when I'm snap chatting and I ask a question then 1hr later they reply and I for got the question #SnapchatProblems [13]

— The Ben Cotton (@clutchcotton_35) January 3, 2014 [14]

Which Color Should I Pick?

Having to finish your sentence by painting it #SnapchatProblems [15]

— (@COCAlNE) May 12, 2013 [16]


Being called beautiful over snapchat is the highest of praise because that's when you look your ugliest. #SnapchatProblems [17]

— Snapchat Problems (@SnapchatProbbz) November 29, 2013 [18]

Get It Together, Snapchat

My snapchat keeps saying I have 5 unopened snaps but when I check theres only 1. Why you makin' me feel like I'm popular? #snapchatproblems [19]

— Kevin (@VigilKevin) October 1, 2013 [20]


When someone smiles in every snap #canyounot [21] #SnapchatProblems [22]

— Louis War (@arreugsiul) January 3, 2014 [23]


Hate when people open snaps and don't reply or people who just stop half way through a convo #snapchatproblems [24]

— Ryan Horlings (@ryanhorlings) January 3, 2014 [25]

C'mon, People

People always snapchat me either when I just get out of the shower or I just wake up. #SnapchatProblems [26]

— Snapchat Life (@SnapchatLife) January 1, 2014 [27]


When you send the wrong snapchat to another person and look stupid #guilty [28] #snapchatproblems [29]

— Andrew Kirima (@AndrewKirima) January 2, 2014 [30]

Could Be Dangerous

still waiting on that "snap all" button @Snapchat [31] #snapchatproblems [32]

— Marley Lilly (@MarleyLilly) September 5, 2013 [33]


*sends hideous snapchat* *wonders why they open it, but don't reply* #SnapchatProblems [34]

— Snapchat Problems (@SnapchatLeakz) September 21, 2013 [35]

Gotta Do What You Gotta Do

Having to draw an extra word or two that is hardly legible to finish the sentence because you ran out of room to type #SnapchatProblems [36]

— Lenny Hackman (@LennyHackman) August 12, 2013 [37]

Act Quick

Looking around to make sure no one is watching you when you're about to take a picture #SnapchatProblems [38]

— Austin Ekern (@AustinEkern) December 5, 2012 [39]

Not Cool

It's all fun and games until they screen shot your snap chat. #snapchatproblems [40] #awkward [41]

— Taylor Scott Chase (@TayScoCha) December 3, 2012 [42]


I have a bruise on my face from dropping my phone while taking a selfie #snapchatproblems [43]

— Julia MacLean (@Doooolia) August 2, 2012 [44]


Unless you are zac efron or Megan fox, do not snap chat me for 10 seconds. I do not need to see your face for that long. #SnapchatProblems [45]

— Snapchat Problems (@iSnapChatProbs) January 10, 2013 [46]

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