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Someecards Candy Crush Cards

Take a Breath. Read This Post. Resume Playing Candy Crush.

Phew, we must have caught you at a good time or that rare moment in between levels on Candy Crush Saga. Before you go back to making your way through those oh so addicting puzzles, we found someecards that are a little topical, a bit funny . . . but mostly a cry for help. Take a peek and share your favorites with those who can relate — we definitely can.

OMG! I'm addicted to Candy Crush

Passing some levels of Candy Crush should be considered a life accomplishment . . .

"Stop sending me more lives! I need to get work done." Said no Candy Crush player ever.

That moment you went to go play Candy Crush for five minutes. Five hours later . . . . . .

. . . And please let me beat the next level of Candy Crush Saga . . .

If you'll excuse me, I need to update the Candy Crush Saga level on my resume.

Does the fact that Candy Crush has been down all day entitle me to a nervous breakdown? Oh wait, it's back on . . . never mind.

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