Sony Announces Xperia Tablet

Sony's New Tablet the Xperia S Takes Aim at the Living Room

Sony's New Tablet the Xperia S Takes Aim at the Living Room

Make way for the newest product on the forever-hot tablet scene, the Sony Xperia Tablet S. Running on Android 4.0, the Xperia has the same hallmarks of many tablets currently on the market: an 8MP front camera, full-sized SD card slot, an HDMI port, and WiFi compatibility. Where Sony hopes to differentiate the Xperia Tablet S is by making it the hub of the home theater. Control a TV, DVD player, and audio system while using the Watch Now app as an interactive visual program guide for live TV. Use the Tablet S to change the channel or update your current show selection to the social network sites.

With the idea that tablets, more than any other device, are used by the whole family, there's also a Guest Mode functionality, with which custom profile settings can be created for each user. If children are likely to have the Xperia Tablet S within their grasp, specific applications can be set to restrict access to everything questionable the Internet has to offer.

Available Sept. 7 with preorders beginning today, the Xperia Tablet S comes in three models: 16GB ($400), 32GB ($500), and 64GB ($600). Does the latest tablet addition interest you?