Sony Cyber-Shot TX20 Review and Sample Pictures

Getting Some Hands-On Time With the Sony Cyber-Shot TX20 in Sedona, AZ

Sony Cyber-Shot TX20 Review and Sample Pictures

There's nothing like an outdoor adventure to get you in the Springtime mood. Add in some sweet camera gear, and I'm all over it. I got to experience both during Sony's recent Sedona Outdoor Excursion, when the company sent me off to explore the red rocks of Northern Arizona, all in an effort to get to know its lineup of new Cyber-Shot, Bloggie, camcorders, and NEX cameras.

While you couldn't capture a bad photo of Sedona (it's so beautiful!), this rugged 16.2MP pocket-friendly shock-, water-, freeze-, and dust-proof Sony Cyber-Shot TX20 ($329) was one of my favorites to use on the trip, and stayed in my bag the whole time. Coming in five different hues (PopSugar pink was my obvious choice), this camera packs quite a punch in such a small package. Great in both bright-light and low-light situations, the TX20 comes with seven different picture effects — HDR Painting, Richtone Monochrome, Miniature, Toy Camera, Pop Color, Partial Color, and Soft High-Key — to heighten the mood and add some extra personality to your shots. It's kind of like adding an Instagram or Hipstamatic filter to your pics as you take them. Not only is the picture quality fabulous, but the video isn't too shabby either. The microphone isn't as sensitive as ones you'd find in say, the NEX models, since the TX20 can be used underwater; an expensive mic in a waterproof camera wouldn't hold up well anyway.

The TX20 will hit in May for $329, and is the perfect camera for light packers traveling to far-off locales, and budding photogs that want a portable and reliable camera to tote around for day-to-day image capture. Check out some of my unedited sample images in the gallery, some of which were captured using the cool TX20 picture effects.