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Sony's Scented DoCoMo Cell Phone: Love or Leave?

Sony's Scented DoCoMo Cell Phone: Love or Leave?

How would you feel if your cell phone released a fragrance—no I'm not kidding. The Sony Ericsson DoCoMo SO703i phone does just that by including a replaceable scented strip near the center hinge.

Featured on Trendhunter, the DoCoMo comes in a variety of designs as each includes a different aroma sheet which resembles that of a scratch and sniff sticker. Why would anyone want a smelly phone? Supposedly the aroma is intended to relax cell phone users while they make calls. Each scented strip is said to only last about three months, which may be a blessing in disguise in case the first scent gets more irritating than enjoyable!

What do you think? Love the idea or not a fan? Leave your comments below!

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