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A New Stylish Speaker For Sleepyheads

Jan 9 2014 - 3:08am

Well, this is an alarm clock we wouldn't mind waking up to. Audio company Soundfreaq [1] announced a redesigned version of their Sound Rise alarm clock this week, and we got to play with the speaker at this year's CES. The white model has wood-grain hardware that's soft to the touch. Needless to say, it was love at first listen.

Sound Rise 2.0 still streams music via Bluetooth and includes a USB charging port (which is especially handy if your outlet isn't nearby). There's an old-school auxiliary cable for wired connections as well. The speaker took light pollution into account with six adjustable display settings from bright to dim. A blackout option turns the clock display completely off, and one touch of any button will turn the display on again.

While it's not revolutionary from a tech standpoint, we're mostly in love with Sound Rise's look and super compact, square profile. At $69, it'll also be extremely affordable when it hits stores in April. The compact speaker is a perfect fit for someone who loves midcentury-inspired decor on a budget or a graduating senior on his way to college.

The snooze button is exactly where it should be — up top, where it's most tappable.

Love the wood-grain detail on the bottom of the white speaker paneling.

The Sound Rise also comes in black.

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