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Space Invader Strikes Again

When he is not invading spaces with his arcade game characters, the artist, known only as the "Space Invader," embarks on other projects that are more legitimate and even make it into galleries. His latest project, which he refers to as his 'Rubik Cubist' period, has been exhibited in the likes of Paris and Los Angeles and will be making its German debut soon. With this project "SI" uses the popular 80's puzzle as a medium for his sculptures and portraits.

He says, "I use the Rubik's Cube like an artist uses paint. I like the idea that it wasn't intended to be used this way, and that ultimately it works really well." For a full gallery of images from this exhibit (they are sure to please!), just read more








Apparently, for the past five years, Invader has conducted worldwide "invasions" with custom site-specific mosaic pieces based on the 1978 video game "Space Invaders" created by Toshiro Nishikado; the streets of Paris, Tokyo, New York, London, and Los Angeles (among many others) have become components in his public art planetary invasion. "In his work, Invader connects the relatable elements of the past to the inescapable/fantasized about future through a complex weaving of signifiers that reference the iconographic and temporal nature of pop-culture and technology," says the Sixspace gallery.



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