Space Invaders iPad and iPhone Cases

Space Invaders Take Over Your iDevices

Space Invaders Take Over Your iDevices

Fact: you love Space Invaders today as much as you did when you were a kid. But now, your gaming has gone to the next level with your fancy PS3, Xbox, or portable tablet. Game on your iPad instead of an arcade these days? Then take a trip down memory lane with the Space Invaders iPad, iPhone, and MacBook cases from Case Scenario. Starting at around $42 for an iPhone case and ranging all the way up to $85 for an iPad case (coming in hardcover book or hard-shell models), you can take the memory of your favorite retro childhood game with you wherever you go, and keep your iDevice protected from the dangers of your tote bag.

Though these cases evoke flashbacks of your days in the pizza parlor arcade, Case Scenario has made sure that these designs are more on the grown-up side, so you won't be shamed out of your office when you whip out your tablet. In fact, I'm sure your officemates will be quite jealous.

Get a closer look at each design in the slideshow!


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