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31 Straightforward Ways to Spring Clean Your Tech

May 6 2014 - 1:00pm

Spring has officially sprung, and we're taking the change of seasons as the perfect excuse to refresh our digital lives one day at a time. If you're in the Spring cleaning mode too, we've got you covered — from tech tips to back up your data, to ideas on how to keep your social media life neat and tidy, check out all of our 31 Days of Spring Cleaning posts here or on our Spring cleaning Pinterest board [1]!

Don't forget to back up your data [2]!

Tips for organizing your inbox [3].

Source: Instagram user katiemzt [4]

Your phones are superdirty. Here's how to clean them [5].

Travel with your camera? Here are a few tips on how to clean your lenses [6].

Source: Instagram user juliearmisen [7]

Get rid of those jewel cases and digitize your CDs [8].

Source: Instagram user magicmalori2825 [9]

Keep your battery juiced for longer with these tips [10].

Source: Instagram user darkcharles [11]

Keep your desktop clean with easy cable organizers [12].

Keep your pics in order with these organizational tips [13].

Source: Instagram user Louise62 [14]

Don't forget to change all of your online passwords [15]!

Source: Instagram user liensanity_ [16]

Speaking of passwords, have you password-protected your smartphone yet [17]?

Drop the dead weight and delete any unused apps on your smartphone [18].

Source: Instagram user msciorra [19]

Even your coffee table needs a refresh. Wrangle your remotes in one of these fun ways [20].

Source: Instagram user kaithughson [21]

It's about that time — a few tips for cleaning your laptop [22].

Source: Instagram user sarahliz266 [23]

Did you know that you need to replace your surge protectors [24]?

Source: Instagram user stevekok [25]

Get rid of the paper and convert those paper notes to digital [26].

Source: Instagram user butterflyy_ [27]

Don't click away — perform those computer system updates [28]!

Source: Instagram user jaren134 [29]

Make your work life easier by organizing your desktop folders [30].

Source: Instagram user juliansantaana [31]

Increase your productivity by adding a second monitor [32].

Source: Instagram user ashleymp45 [33]

Clean up your social life by performing a social media audit [34].

Take some time to back up your photo library [35].

Source: Instagram user catherineharding [36]

Figure out what programs are taking up the most hard drive space [37].

Source: Instagram user 2pn_ [38]

Manage your cables stylishly [39].

Why not set up a cloud service [40] this year?

Source: Instagram user francibosio [41]

Don't miss a single show — clear out your DVR que [42] and make room for your favorites.

Source: Instagram user whitters03 [43]

Make room for new pictures by clearing out your SD cards [44].

Source: Instagram user umru [45]

Toss all those other remotes aside and get yourself a new universal remote [46].

Source: Instagram user sayjanna [47]

You store tons of precious pics in Facebook. Don't forget to back up your profile [48] for safe keeping.

Source: Instagram user akosibonjing [49]

Don't let your tech overwhelm you — learn how to stay sane on a digital detox [50].

Source: Instagram user aid0rn [51]

Manage your finances online [52] with these free tools.

Source: Flickr user 401K [53]

Sync your smartphone [54] and backup all your mobile pics and videos.

Source: Instagram user usmolej [55]

Don't settle for a poor set-up. Make sure your office is ergonomically optimized [56]!

Source: Instagram user shanika_yvette [57]

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