Sprout Eco Watches

Sprouting an Eco Timepiece

Sprouting an Eco Timepiece

As much as we love gadgets around here, most of them certainly aren't earth-friendly, which is why we get excited when we come across a gadget designed with the planet in mind.

Created of at least 80 percent low-impact, biodegradable, recyclable, or renewable materials, the Sprout watch can be added to our shopping list with a clear conscience. The watches are made from corn resin, a resource that should replicate the strength of synthetic plastics, yet break down in a compost environment within three years. Other materials that may be used for specific product designs are selected within a similar vein: diamonds are certified conflict-free, batteries are mercury-free, cotton straps are organic and highly renewable bamboo is used on the faces.

Sprout watches range in price from $30-75 and are available through Amazon and Nordstrom. View the slideshow to see some of our favorite styles.