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Hilarious St. Paddy's Day Memes That Tell It Like It Is

Mar 17 2014 - 4:52pm

Nothing like St. Paddy's Day to get people investing in green nail polish, drinking Guinness, wearing green, and . . . creating memes about the occasion. Ahead, check out a few of our favorites that spell out the hard truth about the holiday.

Source: QuickMeme [1]

Hangover cat = punny cat.

Source: Cheezburger [2]

True story.

Source: QuickMeme [3]

Good question, Cap'n.

Source: QuickMeme [4]

This calls for an emergency trip to the store.

Source: Meme Generator [5]

Ouch — but true.

Source: PandaWhale [6]

It does . . . doesn't it?

Source: Memecrunch [7]

It's a confusing day.

Source: QuickMeme [8]

Get it. Together.

Source: Meme Generator [9]

Meet Willy Wonka the hater.

Source: QuickMeme [10]

Ooh burn.

Source: Scumbag Steve [11]

Sad face.

Source: Cheezburger [12]

Now that's a victory.

Source: Create Meme [13]

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