Star Wars Filming Locations

5 Places a Star Wars Fanatic Should Visit

Star Wars Filming Locations

Summer vacation isn't over yet — if you consider yourself a Star Wars fanatic, there are a few places around the globe that you should check off your "must-see" list before settling into Fall, starting with a trip to Industrial Light and Magic in San Francisco, CA. ILM is where some of the LucasFilm magic happens, and it also is the home of the famous Yoda fountain. Geeks from all around the globe travel to San Francisco's Presidio (previously a militarized area) to sit and soak up the knowledge of the little green Jedi, and it's not far from Skywalker Ranch in Marin county, where George Lucas himself has an office.

Flip through the slideshow to learn about other famous Star Wars locations around the world!

Source: Flickr user DoNotLick