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Everything You Need to Pull Off the Best Star Wars Wedding Ever

Dec 13 2014 - 10:34am

Let's be honest: a Star Wars wedding [1] can be tricky. You want it to be over-the-top fun, but you also run the risk of making it feel like a kids' party. We're here to help! Ahead, check out everything you need — from starry invites to a lightsaber send-off — to keep your big day classy and memorable at the same time. May the wedding-planning force be with you.

Photos by Meg Ruth Photo [2] via Green Wedding Shoes [3]

Engagement Shoot

An engagement shoot that combines Star Wars and Star Trek? Consider it a sneak peek into the best wedding [4] ever.

Photo by The Studio B Photography [5] via Wedding Chicks [6]

If You Can't Invite AT-ATs, Photoshop Them In

This couple, Katherine and Floyd, weren't able to accommodate the armed transports in their Virginia wedding [7], so they edited 'em in instead!

Source: Evan Hampton [8]

Starry Invitations

Star confetti is a nice touch if you're aiming for a glamorous, galaxy-like Star Wars invite.

Photos by Meg Ruth Photo [9] via Green Wedding Shoes [10]

Bridesmaids' Dresses

When it comes to dressing your best gals, get creative! This bride chose dresses made from Star Wars fabric [11], and we have to say — the ladies look fabulous.

Photo by Miki Photography [12] via Rock N' Roll Bride [13]

Chewbacca Pocket Square

If this isn't the cutest couple, we don't know who is. The bride actually hid a Chewbacca in the groom's jacket pocket, and he ended up wearing it as his "pocket square" for the entire wedding [14]. It's only fitting, considering they play a game at home where they hide Chewbacca figurines in different places for the other to find.

Photo by Love Me Sailor [15] via Green Wedding Shoes [16]

Bride's Bouquet

We spy a mini Princess Leia hidden in the flowers — such a cute idea to steal!

Source: Instagram user heavenly_blooms [17]

Cuff Links

It's all about the details, and no Star Wars fan should go without his special cuff links [18] on the big day.

Reception Welcome Table

There are two things to love about this setup: playing on the force by asking guests to sign the wedding [19] mat, and the playful stormtrooper rings.

Photo by Ohana Photographers [20] via Style Me Pretty [21]

Character Appearance

An appearance from at least one of the characters is a must — in this case, Darth Vader was the ring bearer, and everyone got a kick out of it.

Photo by Ohana Photographers [22] via Style Me Pretty [23]

Lego Ring Holders

Star Wars and Legos? Doesn't get much better than that . . . except when you use the figurines to hold your precious wedding [24] rings.

Photo by Chaz Cruz photography [25] via Green Wedding Shoes [26]

Wedding Rings

Speaking of, you can't have a Star Wars wedding [27] without the perfect wedding rings [28], now can you?


It wouldn't be a party without incorporating some of the dramatic Star Wars tunes into your day. A couple of ideas: "Han Solo and the Princess" for the ceremony entrance and "The Throne Room" for the exit.

Photo Fun

The only thing as important as the day is securing a fun-loving photographer who knows how to capture the spirit of your day. We love how this bride used a "force choke" to lift the groom and groomsmen off their feet.

Source: Facebook user Ryan S. Burkett Photographer - RSB Photography [29]

Table Names

Genius-idea alert: naming reception tables after your favorite Star Wars characters.

Photo by Chantal Andrea Photography [30] via Style Me Pretty [31]

Reception Decor

Midnight-blue sequin tablecloths and gold stars are a classy but fun way to play up the theme.

Photos by Meg Ruth Photo [32] via Green Wedding Shoes [33]


Stormtrooper mason jars? Check. A reference to Cloud City? Double check. Looks like the perfect Star Wars centerpiece if there ever was one.

Source: Instagram user eventsbymaita [34]


Keep the fun going by using glasses only Star Wars-lovers will appreciate.

Photo by Ohana Photographers [35] via Style Me Pretty [36]

Guest Book

What a great keepsake. Ask guests to sign their names on a Millennium Falcon poster [37] as a way to remember the big day.

Photo-Booth Fun

We love how simple but sweet this idea is for a photo-booth setup: a star garland plus a few props and character masks.

Photo by Meg Ruth Photo [38] via Green Wedding Shoes [39]


Could these "I love you" pennant flags [40] be any more appropriate for a Star Wars wedding [41]? Use them in the photo booth or ask guests to wave them when you walk down the aisle.


Take a cue from this wedding [42] and create Star Wars-themed board games — like R2-D2 Operation, Clone 4 (a version of Connect 4), Star Wars Guess Who, and Escape From the Death Star — as an exciting way to engage guests.

Photo by S6 Photography [43] via Rock N' Roll Bride [44]

Lightsaber Candles

Who need fancy candles when you can decorate your wedding [45] with lightsaber candlesticks [46]?

Cake Topper

Sure, they'd never get married, but have you seen a more adorable cake topper than this Ewok-Stormtrooper one? Wait, maybe you have [47].

Photo by James Moes [48] via 100 Layer Cake [49]

The Cake

Is this not the most epic Star Wars wedding [50] cake you've ever seen? Not to mention it's so pretty, too!

Source: Imgur user ticktockfucktheclock [51]

Lightsaber Cake Knife

Copy this cake knife, made from a lightsaber, for a cool touch.

Photo by Ohana Photographers [52] via Style Me Pretty [53]

Dessert Table

If cake's not your thing, set up a Star Wars dessert table [54] — it'll be a hit, guaranteed.

Cocktail Hour

How great are these Death Star ice cubes? We have a feeling your guests will be just as captivated by them as we are.

Source: Instagram user pleaserockwed [55]


The best thing about these Star Wars straws [56] (besides their cute look, obviously) is that you can get them customized with your names on one side and the wedding [57] date on the other.


Naturally, you need something for a geeky garter [58] toss! This Star Wars one [59] is all kinds of fun.


Here's another idea!

Photos by Juniper Spring Photography [60]


Customize Star Wars matches to use either as wedding [61] favors or, in this case, for midnight wedding sparklers.

Source: Instagram user bettygeek [62]

Wedding Favors

There's no shortage of geeky wedding favors [63], but sending guests home with Star Wars treats is something they won't soon forget.

Source: Instagram user katie_rockstudio [64]

Lightsaber Send-Off

There's only one way to end the night — with a lightsaber send-off, of course!

Source: Facebook user Matthew Druin Photography [65]

Lightsaber Send-Off

We love this one, too.
Photos by Juniper Spring Photography [66]

Fun and More Fun

Last but not least, the key to a once-in-a-lifetime Star Wars wedding [67] is . . . fun! Amid the craziness of throwing a wedding [68], don't forget to let loose and soak in the whole wonderful event.

Photos by Meg Ruth Photo [69] via Green Wedding Shoes [70]

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