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Celebrity Style: Steve Jobs

Mar 7 2008 - 8:00am

I have to borrow a heading from sister site FabSugar [1] to bring you a very special tribute to the man behind the Macs, the iPod idol, the eminence of Apple: Steve Jobs. From his iPhone SDK press conference [2] yesterday, the man held court in a style we've come to expect — Jobs' consistency asserts itself in his flair for quiet drama, his dynamic intros and outros, and of course: His mock turtleneck.The mock turtleneck is Steve's unwavering companion: Black, tucked-in, and the sleeves pushed up by a man who needs to get down to business either onstage or behind his newest gadget baby [3]. It's basic, like the design of Apple products — black, like the chicness of Apple products — and utilitarian, like Apple products (how many hickies must that sly fox be covering up with the mock neck? Which is, incidentally, the one thing I haven't seen an Apple product do, but it is only 2008). But you girlfriends of geeks and geeks themselves must surely be asking yourselves, whither does one find a man's mock turtleneck in this day and age, when the, uh, "style" itself is more Microsoft than Apple? Where can I find knitwear of power, knitwear of substance that can guide me to the fate such as the King of Cupertino? Don't waste your clicks, my dears, I've done the handiwork for you.

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