Stormtrooper Walking Through Australia For Charity

Geek Shot: A Stormtrooper Walks Through Australia

Stormtrooper Walking Through Australia For Charity

We usually see stormtroopers making their way through the galaxy via spacecraft, not donning sneakers and hitting the road on foot. But stormtrooper Jacob French is a special breed, walking over 2,400 miles from Perth to Sydney for a good cause: he's raising money for the Starlight Foundation, a charity that helps bring joy to ill and hospitalized children. He's not the only one, though. Jacob is a member of Vader's First 501st Legion, a collective of Star Wars costume enthusiasts whose mission is to assist and donate to charitable causes. A mission that would melt even the coldest of Vader hearts. Check out more images of Jacob in full stormtrooper garb below!

Source: Getty

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