Stormtrooper iPad Case

The iPad Keyboard Case You're Looking For: ClamCase Trooper

Stormtrooper iPad Case

Let's face it — you're a Star Wars superfan, so you'll probably snatch this Stormtrooper-inspired clamshell iPad keyboard case without hesitation. At $149, it's quite an investment, but it will successfully transform your iPad 2 (or original iPad model) into a clean laptop-like word processing machine thanks to its included QWERTY keyboard.

The case is Bluetooth compatible for easy pairings, comes with rubber feet for ergonomic typing, and keeps your iPad protected with a hard-shell polycarbonite casing. Plus, if you aren't into the stark contrasting white and black version, you can choose between a plain black model (that's just begging to be customized with vinyl stickers), or solid white (perfect for those who went for the white iPad 2).

Get a closer look at The Trooper in the gallery!