Stylin' New Sidekicks From T-Mobile

Stylin' New Sidekicks From T-Mobile

Thanks to The Boy Genius Report, we've just learned that the Sidekick LX and the Sidekick Slide will soon be available for purchase! The sleek Sidekick LX shown here will come with this high-resolution LCD screen by Sharp. Each Sidekick will come with MMS/SMS/IM, 1.3 megapixel cameras (with the LX having a flash), Bluetooth, a built-in music player, web browsing capabilities plus much more.
Apparently, the Sidekick LX will be available for current T-Mobile customers on October 17th, and for new users on October 24th for $299 with a two year agreement. While the Sidekick Slide will hit stores on November 7th for $199 with a two year agreement as well. Can't wait to see which one Jenna Jameson will get first dibs on. Aren't these new colors just grand? The turquoise, pink and yellow designs were starting to make me nauseous.




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