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Stylish Laptop Bags

Help a GeekSugar Reader Find the Perfect Bag

Reader joliz is on the hunt for the perfect geek chic bag to tote around NYC. Do you have a suggestion? Here's what she's looking for:

I am in dire need of help here. I know every geek girl is always on the hunt for that holy grail bag, but I'm feeling like I'm getting nowhere in my search. I've been trying to become more of a fashionista and have improved my wardrobe, however everytime I sling my beat up scratched up Fred Perry over my shoulder, it's like I've negated all the fabulousness I've got going on. Here's my dilemma:

1. I'm a New Yorker, which means any bag I have has to be durable, comfortable and spacious since I walk and take the subway everywhere with it from the moment I leave my apartment at 7am until I come home at night which sometimes isn't even until midnight. My life has to fit into this bag. I work and go to school at night so aside from my laptop (a 12.1" HP Touchsmart tm2 [thanks geeksugar!!!!]) I have to have room for notebooks, books, my makeup bag, and perhaps some snacks and a water bottle. This is aside from my wallet, keys, and tech gear (phone, digital camera, chargers).

Find out more of what joliz is looking for and share your suggestions after the break.

2. I really hate backpacks. I work in NYC high schools and it's enough I look young, but I don't need security guards to yell at me to go back to class because they think I'm a student (Yes, this happens a lot, hence the style makeover). Plus, because after work I tend to go out and meet up with friends, I'd like something that could have an easier time transitioning when going out to eat or hitting up happy hour.

3. I'm not looking to spend more than $100. If the bag is really out of this world amazing I can maybe justify going up a teeensy bit more, but again, I work in schools and am a student, I'm on a serious budget.

I'm not afraid of color, I love details, patterns, etc. and am open to look at any and everything you suggest. I just want something that aside from being practical is just really geek chic. I really appreciate any suggestions!

I've already mentioned some of my favorite choices for Summer bags, but if you have a suggestion, please share it in the comments below!

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