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Last Night's Supermoon Was Gorgeous, and There's More to Come

Aug 11 2014 - 9:56am

For stargazers, this Summer sees three exciting occurrences of a natural phenomenon called the supermoon [1], one of them being last night. This particular vision of the moon is so grand from an earthling's perspective because it's the point in a moon's orbit where it comes closest to Earth — making it appear supersize in the sky.

The first of this season's supermoons took place back on Saturday, July 12. If you missed both of these wonderful occurrences, take solace in these stunning photos, and use them as preparation for when the supermoon returns again on Sept. 9.

Source: Getty / Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno [2]

We spy the supermoon behind the Torrelodones Tower in city of Torrelodones, close to Madrid, Spain, on Aug. 10.

Here, a plane flights across the supermoon in between two Madrid skyscrapers on Aug. 10.

How amazing is this shot?

Russian astronaut Oleg Artemyev witnesses an amazing supermoon "moonset" from the International Space Station on Aug. 10.

The supermoon aligns perfectly with the Torrelodones Tower on Aug. 10.

Looks fake, doesn't it? Here, on Aug. 10, the supermoon rises above Glastonbury Tor in Somerset, England.

The supermoon hangs out over the San Diego skyline back on July 12.

Source: Instagram user sandiegoreader [3]

Shot with an ISO 1600, this Instagram user captured the supermoon July 12 on her Sony NEX-C3 camera.

Source: Instagram user dansgirl99 [4]

Photographers chase the first supermoon of Summer 2014 on July 12.

Source: Instagram user ali_essa1_fans [5]

The supermoon is said to be 30 percent brighter than other full moons.

NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia had a perfect view of the supermoon ahead of the Antares rocket launch on July 12.

Source: Instagram user NASA [6]

"A full moon is seen rising over Orbital Sciences' Antares rocket ready to carry #Orb2 to the #ISS," according to NASA's Instagram [7] on July 12.

Source: Instagram user NASA [8]

The supermoon shines over the New York City skyline on July 12.

The Summer's first supermoon rises over New York City on July 12.

The supermoon sizes itself up next to the Mount Wilson Observatory in Los Angeles on July 12.

From National Geographic's Instagram on July 12: "A view of down Pennsylvania Ave as the super moon rises over the United States Capitol building."

Source: Instagram user NatGeo [9]

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