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Lionhearted Ties Worthy of a Superhero Groom

Apr 11 2014 - 6:35am

Wedding [1] party assemble! Wedding planning is filled with decisions and obstacles; only the courageous and valiant survive. For those few, a heroic tie is necessary. Here, appearances from Superman, the Avengers, and one sparkly Batman will have you decked out for the most stylish of affairs.

Jumbled Marvel Tie [2] ($33)

Marvel Comic-Book Covers Tie [3] ($33)

Rhinestone Batman Bowtie [4] ($65)

Wonder Woman Tie [5] ($33)

Avengers Assemble! Tie [6] ($33)

Superman Tie [7] ($33)

Batman Bow Tie [8] ($14)

Comic Bow Tie [9] ($26)

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