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Reader Redux: Suri Cruise's iPad

Jun 6 2010 - 9:00am

It's true — the iPad is great for keeping kids occupied. But for the price, I wouldn't dream of buying a four year old an iPad of their own. However, I suppose normal rules don't apply to megastars.

Suri Cruise was spotted playing with her very own iPad [1] while out to dinner earlier this week (at midnight, no less!), and although I'm sure Tom and Katie aren't worried about price tags on any of their luxurious gadgets, I think we are all blown away at how the age cutoff for an expensive tech toy keeps creeping lower and lower. First Maddox gets an iPod Touch [2], and now Suri Cruise gets an iPad? I remember having to beg my mom for a pager when I was 12. Yeah, I said it — pager.

Here are some of your responses and reactions to Suri's high-tech plaything:

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