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Jenny's New Cell Phone on Gossip Girl: HTC-tastic

Oct 1 2008 - 9:00am

Since it looks like pretty much every single character on Gossip Girl [1] got a new cell phone for Season Two, I thought some of you might be curious about what your favorite Upper East Siders are carrying since you've been back into this season's tech quizzes [2]! Last week I told you Blair had a new maroon eNV2 [3], and this week my gaze is fixed on the budding couturier, Jenny Humphrey.

Jenny used to have a pink RAZR — which I think fit her really well [4] — but it looks like she's picking up some tech fashion steam with her internship. Not only has Jenny upgraded, but she's gone with the handset maker of the moment: HTC! HTC, you'll recall, is the maker of Google's new Android phone, the G1 [5], and though Jenny couldn't get that (girlfriend's on Verizon), she went with the same color we usually see the G1 in: White. I myself am a huge fan of white cell phones and gadgets, and particularly this phone: The HTC Touch [6].

Available on Verizon for $200 [7] after discounts, the Touch is a smartphone with a touch screen, music player, QWERTY keyboard, Bluetooth, and you get access to an application store.

Photo courtesy of The CW [8]

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