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20 Tech Hacks That'll Make You Feel Like a Boss

Apr 26 2016 - 1:45pm

No one can resist the power of a game-changing secret, especially when it comes to the gadgets and technologies we use on the daily. If you want to know how to keep earphones from getting tangled or what to do with your favorite square Instagram prints, there's a hack for that, and we've rounded them all up. Your tech life's about to get a whole lot easier.

After geeking out to these gadget tricks, check out 33 more game-changing, brilliant hacks [1].

Photo: Sarah Lipoff

Use Lego Figurines to Hold Your Cords

May we suggest a female astronomer Lego [2] to do the job?

And Then Create a Lego Keychain

. . . that you hang on a Lego hook.

Turn a Planner Into a Kindle Case

How fabulous! Get the DIY instructions here [3].

Keep Electronics Organized in a Drawer

By hiding a power strip in the top drawer of a nightstand.

Source: Reddit user via Imgur [4]

Clean Your Keyboard With a Swipe

Before you throw a used Post-it in the trash can, use it to clean your keyboard [5] by running the sticky side between the keys. How genius is that?

Use Nail Polish to Decorate Phone Chargers

So easy, so fun.

Bump Music Out of a Cup

Need a sound system stat? Make DIY [6] speakers for your smartphone by placing it into a plastic, paper, or glass cup for some more volume.

Source: Instagram user snamesjover [7]

Protect Your iPhone Charger Cord

Take a pen spring from an old pen and wrap it around your charger cord [8]. This will protect it from breaking and bending.

Create a Selfie Stick

Minitripod + tape + flagstick = DIY [9] selfie stick. Looks familiar [10].

Turn an Old iPhone Into an iPod Touch

Upgraded to the latest iPhone? Sure, you can try to sell your old one, but you could also turn it into an iPod with one easy step [11]. Magic!

Turn a Plastic Bottle Into a Charging Station

Tired of your messy phone cord getting in the way? Keep it where it belongs by making your own upcycled plastic-bottle charging station [12].

Photo: Sarah Lipoff

Charge Your Phone Faster

You waited till two percent battery to charge your phone, but now you don't have much time to wait around. What to do?! Put it on Airplane Mode to speed up the process.

Use Clips to Organize Your Wires

Use bulldog clips and place them at the back of your desk, then string your cables through them to better organize your wires [13]. How did you not think of this before?

Source: Imgur user legodarthvader [14]

Turn Your Phone Into a TV

By securing it between two hanger nails.

Avoid Sending Incomplete Emails

When writing an email, leave the recipient email field blank [15] until you're ready to send it. This prevents those accidental emails we've all experienced.

DIY a Game Controller

Follow the lead of one Redditor and make your own game controller if you're in need. All you need is a bunch of buttons and an analog stick from a local electronic junk store, and voilà!

Source: Imgur user rbandrews [16]

Get More Uses Out of Emoji

Emoji aren't just for fun texting! Find out how [17] to spruce up your screen even more by using them in your contacts, app folders, and alarms.

Make Your Own Earphone Holder

Tangled earphones, be gone! One brilliant idea: tie cords around a wooden spool.

Source: Instagram user sistervalentine [18]

Fix a Broken Keyboard

Know how annoying it is when your keyboard has a broken foot? Fix the problem by using a medium or large binder clip to take its place.

Source: Instagram user jesjosacosta [19]

Turn Instagram Snaps Into Art

Not sure what to do with all those square Instagram or Hipstamatic shots you love so much? Instead of letting them get lost in the cloud, make your own canvas print [20] for just $5 — no joke!

Photo: Sarah Lipoff

Keep a MacBook Charger Intact

This Instagrammer used a sturdy straw, cut it down the side, and taped it around a damaged power cord.

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