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Geek 5: All the News You Need to Know

Apr 15 2012 - 6:41am

This week, Facebook announced plans to acquire one of our favorite photo apps, The Avengers hit the red carpet, and we found a few ways tax day can get a little easier. Catch up on all the news you may have missed in this week's recap!

Tax Apps to File on Your Phone

The deadline to file your taxes is closing in (this year, tax day is April 17), and if you've got simple forms to file and a few minutes before Tuesday, you can easily file using your iPhone and these two free apps [1].

Joss Whedon's Geekiest Works

The LA red-carpet premiere for The Avengers was this week, and we took a look back at some of Director Joss Whedon's geekiest works [2] on both the big and small screen.

Futuristic Glasses Not From Google

Google introduced its Project Glass headset last week, and it inspired us to dive deeper into the crazy world of futuristic glasses from film and TV [3].

Barnes & Noble Sheds New Light on Ereaders

Barnes & Noble has set out to solve this problem of reading in the dark with the Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight [4]. It's the same Nook Simple Touch you know and love, but now there's a row of soft glowing LED lights at the top of the screen, allowing you to read anytime, anywhere.

Facebook Spends $1 Billion on Instagram

Mark Zuckerberg announced this week that Facebook will acquire Instagram in an effort to build the best photo-sharing experience for its members, while simultaneously helping to grow Instagram's user base. Find out how the acquisition will affect you [5].

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