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Geek 5: All the News You Need to Know

Oct 1 2011 - 6:21am

We were bombarded with new Kindles from Amazon this week, but are also prepping for the Apple iPhone 5 press conference on Tuesday! Did you miss anything? Catch up with this week's tech news recap.

The iPhone 5 Will Be Your New Personal Assistant

According to a leak reported to 9to5 Mac, the next iPhone will come with some mind-blowing Siri-based voice control software [1], which will allow users to make appointments, get directions, and set reminders as well as send SMS and iMessage texts just by speaking commands.

iPhone 5 Press Event Invites Go Out

Apple sent out invites to its iPhone press conference this week, confirming our suspicions: the iPhone 5 will be announced on Oct. 4 [2]. Mark your calendars, and be sure to check in with us starting at 10 a.m. PDT for the latest news!

Facebook's Data Tracking Cookies

According to a new report, Facebook can track you across the web, even if you're logged out of your account. Here's how to get a handle on your web browsing privacy [3].

Amazon Announces New Kindles

Amazon announced three new Kindles this week — the Kindle Fire tablet, Kindle Touch, and a smaller Kindle ereader [4].

Cable Companies Consider à La Carte Options

Reuters reported that cable industry giants are considering à la carte subscription options for customers. Feeling the financial burn from households turning to streaming entertainment options, cable providers may entice customers with cheaper, flexible plans, though details haven't been released.

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