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Tech News Roundup - When Geek Isn't Chic

Tech News Roundup - When Geek Isn't Chic

  • Let's face it, geek isn't always chic. Some men and women pull off the cute geeky shirts by infusing them into a non-geek wardrobe. Others know how to pick the right shirts with the right message. And others, are just bad. Real bad. So what do you do when gamer fashion goes tragic? - Destructoid
  • Spending $40 on an iPod sleeve is a bit outrageous. Consider designing and making your own stickers so you can add your geek chic flare to them and protect your pod. Design your own iPod stickers - Lifehacker
  • Like other accessories with built-in solar panels, this line of leather computer bags, backpacks and luggage uses the sun's rays to charge all manner of electronic gadgets, including mobile phones, media players and laptops. Solar energy goes haute couture - Crave

  • Today, Eton makes me think of posh boys, strawberries, cream and meringue (the ingredients to Eton Mess, probably the best dessert ever). But in fact, this radio has no posh components, and not even a hint of dairy or fruit produce. More retro radio goodness, from Eton - Shiny Shiny
  • No, the bright red tube that you see isn't a leftover from Darth Vader's lightsaber but is actually part of a door handle. Dubbed the Brighthandle, this unique contraption doubles up as a privacy handle as well courtesy of its color codes. Intelligent door handle lights up - Techie Diva
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