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Tech Spotting in Lady Gaga's "Telephone" Video

Mar 12 2010 - 3:30pm

The much-anticipated video for Lady Gaga [1] and Beyonce's "Telephone" premiered last night [2]. Clocking in at 10 minutes long, the video picks up where "Paparazzi" left off — with Lady Gaga [3] in jail for poisoning her boyfriend. True to Gaga form, there's a ton of tech in the video: her Heartbeats headphones, a Polaroid camera [4], an HP Envy laptop [5], and a Virgin Mobile phone. Plus, she rocks a few telephone-themed hats (including one made from hair), and even gives a subtle shout out to Dune and Star Wars. Check out some of my favorite shots from the video, and head over to Pop [6] to watch it in its entirety.

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Video Introduction

The video's bright graphics are based on a Quentin Tarantino-style film.

Old-School Boom Box

The prison yard goes retro [8] with an old-school boom box.

Heartbeats Headphones

The Lady Gaga Heartbeats headphones [9] make a cameo early on. They also appeared in the Bad Romance [10] video.

Gaga Gets a Call on the LG Rumor2

The LG Rumor2 [11] gets a few shots while Gaga is in the prison yard . . .

LG Rumor2 Close-Up

. . . and Virgin Mobile gets a shout-out, too.

Polaroid Makes a Cameo

She snaps a few Polaroids [12] of Beyonce after being bailed out of prison.

Polaroid Instant Camera Close-Up

After she snaps a few shots, we get a close-up of Gaga's Polaroid camera.

A Prison Guard Works on an HP Laptop

The prison guard works on an HP Envy laptop [13] . . .

Well, Maybe She's Not Really "Working"

. . . and checks out an online dating site [14].

Check Out That Telephone Hair

Gaga's headpiece is pretty out of control in the diner scene.

Recipe for Geek

Who knew Gaga was such a geek? Her poisonous Cook n' Kill recipe gives nods to Dune (Meta-Cyanide), Star Wars [15] (Fex-M3), and Command and Conquer (Tiberium).

Blue Telephone Hat

And her phone hat in the kitchen scenes is pretty funny, too (though not quite as comical as that backup dancer holding the head of lettuce).

Phone Hat, Close Up

I'm a little bummed the phone hat Gaga wore on a UK television show [16] didn't end up in the video.

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