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20 Solutions to the Most Tragic Tech Problems

Nov 23 2015 - 8:45am

We all laugh at how ridiculous first-world problems are — until they happen to us. And when they have to do with our cell phones, computers, or any other tech we rely on daily . . . fugget about it. In no particular order, here are the most catastrophic problems (ha!) along with practical solutions to soothe your soul.

Source: Instagram user teaspringthorpe [1]

Being Forced to Talk to People IRL

Enjoy it by trying this easy digital detox [2] so you realize what you've been missing.

Source: Instagram user aleif [3]

Finding a Charger Before Your Phone Dies

Instead, keep your phone going all day with these battery-extending tips and tricks [4].

Source: Twitter user paigeoverturf [5]

The Fact That Someone Had to Post This Sign

It's time people get a lesson in how to use social media [6] without being obnoxious.

Source: Reddit user xb00p3rx [7]

Thinking of a Clever WiFi Network Name

Spare yourself the hassle and copy one of these hilarious WiFi names [8].

Source: Instagram user cantreed04 [9]

Texting With Your Parents

Because we all know how that goes [10], and they could definitely benefit from these embarrassing but necessary iPhone questions [11].

Source: Instagram user paulclark24 [12]

Running Out of Password Ideas

Follow these pointers for secure passwords [13].

Source: Twitter user Grammarly [14]

Reaching the In-Box Point of No Return

Yep, that's just one sign that email has totally taken over your life [15] — trust us, these Gmail tricks [16] are good for you.

Source: Instagram user tricia_217 [17]

Still Owning a BlackBerry

May we interest you in an iPhone 6 [18] or Galaxy S5 [19]?

Source: Instagram user kalegs [20]

Using 65 Percent of Your Data in Four Days

Keep yourself in check by learning all the ways to monitor your data usage [21].

Source: Twitter user NessyMaee [22]

Zero "Likes"

It might be because you're breaking these Instagram commandments [23].

Source: Instagram user brentcarlson [24]

Gmail Failing Humanity

This is when you check if a website is really down [25] or not.

Source: Twitter user danielbru [26]

The Pain That Is a Broken Phone Screen

Turn it into art [27]!

Source: Instagram user greekstar19 [28]

Photos Not Big Enough to Be Your Wallpaper

That's annoying. Why not try one of these free wallpapers [29]?

Source: Twitter user KieranF_ [30]

Opening Tabs Like Nobody's Business

Stay focused by decluttering your desktop experience [31] or downloading the StayFocusd Chrome extension [32].

Source: Instagram user gillibaby [33]

Tragic Autocorrects

Make sure you know how to get ahold of your autocorrect [34] features.

Source: Instagram user hotfuzz90 [35]

Google Taunting You With a Glass Invite That You Can't Afford

Feel better about yourself by making fun of Google Glass [36] with the rest of us.

Source: Twitter user stuffcarlsays [37]

Software Updates

Maybe you should back up your phone first [38].

Source: Twitter user K_Fritch [39]

Running Out of Precious Ports

There's probably a hack for that [40].

Source: Twitter user carlospache_co [41]

Snapchats Not Loading Properly

Try this other app [42] that's just like Snapchat instead.

Source: Instagram user jennnncus [43]

The Blessing/Curse That Is Candy Crush

Just accept it [44].

Source: Twitter user adayym [45]

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