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Teen Designs Butterfly: A Social Networking Solution

A 15-year-old Korean high school student studying in Canada recently created Butterfly: A Social Networking Solution, which seems to incorporate the best of contemporary gadgets. It's an iPod-meets-iPhone-meets-PSP-meets-DS Lite, and if created would amalgamate all the features teens (and grown-ups!) desire of their electronics.

It touts a touch display, music playback, camera, event tracker, IM and web features.

The project has sparked some skepticism from bloggers who don't believe the designer is 15, but I choose to believe. In an introduction, the designer Andrew Kim asked: How do I compare to other 15 year old (Grade 10) high school students? And I am currently teaching myself about design, do you think I need a real teacher? Ummmmm, I think the answers are "wow" and "no"!





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