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Did You Help Save Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles?

To bring you up to speed, the fate of Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles has recently been up in the air, as the show needed big ratings for its two part finale last night to keep it afloat. Although I've gone on record to say that T:SCC isn't my favorite show, I tuned in anyway to get my fill of cybergenetic action until it (possibly) returns. But truth be told, I really just wanted to play along with IO9's Save Sarah Connor Drinking Game. If you happen to see the story and are keeping up then you must be one hungover sci fanatic this morning!

When all was said and done, there were 41 swigs of beer and a whopping 20 shots to be had. Yeesh — talk about a headache! Maybe if the show comes back for another season, Fox could consider moving it to a weekend time slot. You know, so we can all play without worrying about going into work with a hangover! To see a full breakdown of my "swig and shot" tally just

Beer Swigs:

  • Summer Glau tilts her head to one side and stared intently = nine
  • Thomas Dekker looks at the ground like a whipped puppy = three
  • One of the high school kids looks at Summer Glau funny = three
  • Someone mentions "The Turk." = a whopping eighteen
  • Summer Glau repeats something someone has just said to her, in a robotic monotone = three

Whole Shots:

  • Sarah Connor has a voice-over where she says quotes taken from literature or history, or talks about wise old sayings = three
  • Summer Glau says something dorky, like "Thank you for explaining." Or tries to talk like a cool kid and fails = three
  • FBI Agent Ellison reads, or quotes, from the Bible = one
  • A Terminator other than Summer Glau is in a scene, and doesn't commit any violence = five
  • John Connor has a surrogate-dad moment with Brian Austin Green or his ex-step-dad = two
  • John Connor decides to prove he's a hero by doing something completely half-cocked = one

Healthy swigs and a whole shot:

  • There's a discussion of whether Summer Glau has a soul = two
  • Sarah Connor screams at her son, or cries = one
  • FBI Agent Ellison starts acting like he believes in the Terminators = two


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Join The Conversation
Disenchanted Disenchanted 7 years
I like it.
Disenchanted Disenchanted 7 years
I like it.
Liss1 Liss1 7 years
I love this show, i hope they don't cancel it!
askmetostay askmetostay 7 years
this is the first i've heard of the drinking game, but it sounds hilarious!!and it might make watching it better....i watch because my boyfriend LOVES kinda confuses me.
askmetostay askmetostay 7 years
this is the first i've heard of the drinking game, but it sounds hilarious!! and it might make watching it better....i watch because my boyfriend LOVES kinda confuses me.
Nyrina-Windu Nyrina-Windu 7 years
I cannot stand that show. It's just ridiculous. It doesn't interest me at all.
SkinnyMarie SkinnyMarie 7 years
that is the funniest sounding drinking game ever, especially if you have no idea what the show is about
hotstuff hotstuff 7 years
I don't understand why people who don't like it watch! Anyways I'm glad you still talk about it though because I really like this show. I guess I helped save it also. I didn't even know it was in danger. I always heard the ratings were pretty high.
ALSW ALSW 7 years
I have GOT to tell my husband about this. WIth all that drinking with it, it really should have a weekend slot!
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