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Text KGB For Answers at Your Fingertips

Get Answers at Your Fingertips For 50 Cents

Whenever I need an address or phone number for a restaurant, shop, or company, I usually just text Google (4665) the name and it shoots me back the info within minutes. . . sometimes seconds. I was somewhat skeptical of a new service called kgb — which will text you an answer back for everything and anything — because of its cost, 50 whole cents for one answer. And not only that, but unlike Google, kgb will send you much more than the basics. You can ask it for recommendations, advice, tips, cooking suggestions, and more. Why? Because an actual, yes a "real life" person, will find the best answer and text it back to you.

So by texting kgbkgb (542542), and paying the 50 cents, you can get answers to anything and everything on the go. It worked for me without a hitch, but I did notice a refund link on their website, which tells me they'll give you your money back if your answer isn't up to snuff.

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