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The Worst Texting Crimes Against Humanity

Oct 19 2014 - 7:21am

Look, we love texting as much as the next person. But it's not always the safe space you think it is. You accidentally hit "Send" when you didn't mean to, people don't know how to use emojis properly — the horror! Ahead we break down the worst things that could happen when texting while . . . well, texting.

Source: MTV [1]

When Someone Texts You Repeatedly After You Don't Respond

I got your message and am either busy or busy ignoring you.

Source: Seoul Broadcasting System [2]

Accidentally Sending the Text to the Person You're Talking Crap About


When the Person Walking in Front of You Is Texting

Get it together.

Someone Doing This to You


Emojis Gone Wrong

Come on, guys. You're better than this.

People Reading Into Your Texts Too Much

Really, I meant "JK."

Someone Sending You a Text That's as Long as a Novel

Or 15 texts to get her point across. Cut it out.

When Autocorrect Makes You Look Like a Jerk

You know what I meant . . . right?

Someone Responding to You With "OK."


Source: BBC [3]

When Your Friend Won't Pay Any Attention to You IRL

Excuse me, rude.

People Bringing Up Serious Topics Via Text

There's a right time and place . . . figure it out.

When You Get a Group Text That Includes Numbers You Don't Know


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