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12 of the Worst Things That Could Happen to You When Texting

Jun 14 2015 - 12:30pm

We love texting as much as the next person, but it's not always the safe space you think it is. You accidentally hit "Send" when you didn't mean to, people don't know how to use emoji properly — the list goes on and on!

Source: Bravo [1]

Someone Texting You Repeatedly After You Don't Respond

I got your message and am either busy or busy ignoring you.

Source: Seoul Broadcasting System [2]

Accidentally Sending the Text to the Person You're Talking Crap About

Oh sh*t.

Walking Behind Someone Who's Texting


Someone Doing This to You


Getting Emoji Texts That Make No Sense


People Reading Into Your Texts Too Much

Really, I meant "JK."

Getting a Text That's as Long as a Novel

Stop it.

Lookig Like a Jerk Thanks to Autocorrect

Well, this is awkward [3].

Getting a Response That Just Says "OK."


Source: BBC [4]

Having That One Friend Who Texts All the Damn Time

Can you not?

Someone Bringing Up a Serious Topic Via Text

Not the time or the place.

Getting a Group Text That Includes Numbers You Don't Know


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