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TiVo Launches 'Swivel Search'

TiVo Launches 'Swivel Search'

TiVo has launched a new universal Swivel Search option, which provides broadband-connected TiVo subscribers the ability to quickly find programming. Apparently, rather than starting with a title or keyword users can search using the way they intuitively think about television; that is, by starting with a program they currently enjoy and using elements of that program to find more of what they like.

Universal Swivel Search allows viewers to link from descriptions of one program to all others that have common elements, including program name, actors, or suggestions based on other viewers' feedback. Additionally, users can find programs related to a specific subject with 'tags,' which are topic-related terms that might not be included in the program's title or episode description, but fall under an over-arching subject of interest. read more



By way of example, a user would start with a television show or movie that they enjoy, for instance Seinfeld. Seinfeld features Julia Louis-Dreyfus from the cast list. With the click of a button, the viewer can 'swivel' and see other programs that the actor appears in, for instance, The New Adventures of Old Christine, including both broadcast lineup and available for download. Additionally, from that cast list a user can select Clark Greg and discover that he was also in The West Wing. With universal Swivel Search, a TiVo subscriber's search can jump from a show to an actor, to a second actor and then to another show, following a unique path through the content that interests them. The new 'swivel' ability is not limited to actors, but available on topic tags, or even lists of similar programs.

"A consumer has on average 200 channels of programming through digital cable, which adds up to over 30,000 hours of programming every week," said Jim Denney, vice president of product marketing at TiVo. "Then combine that with the thousands of hours of content that is currently available through download via Amazon Unbox™ on TiVo or TiVo's TiVoCast service. Now with Swivel Search, consumers will be able to easily find and get content that is most interesting to them no matter where it comes from."

Universal Swivel Search began rolling out to broadband-connected Series2 and Series3 subscribers on Tuesday.



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