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Toddler Solves Rubik's Cube In 114 Seconds

Toddler Solves Rubik's Cube In 114 Seconds

Thought you had real Rubik's Cube talent? Check out the video below of a three-year-old solving the cube in less than two minutes! The video, which was featured on Spluch, is absolutely remarkable.. and I can't help but wonder if a Rubik's Cube was her first toy or if she has some sort of inherited Rubik's Cube gene. Maybe she should go head to head with speedcuber Tyson Mao, who taught Will Smith how to cube for the movie "The Pursuit of Happyness."

Whatever her secret is, be it hard work, Rubik's Cube genetics or talent, I think her parents should make her a giant Rubik's Cube cake for her next birthday!

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