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TokyoFlash Watches: I Only Wish I Knew How to Tell Their Time

May 22 2008 - 1:17pm

My obvious obsession with all things Japan [1] continues. I have been salivating over the TokyoFlash [2] collection of watches since forever. I may just have to break down and get one for myself, or give one to my BF as an excuse to check one out in real life so I can stop gazing at the web page, which is obviously not very satisfying. Although they aren't very girly, TokyoFlash LED watches are the epitome of geek. I mean, who wouldn't want a shiny futuristic watch that you have to decode to read? Can't you just see Tony Stark sporting this Q Version [3] ($160) model? I know I can. Check out some other super chic LED watches from TokyoFlash in the slideshow!

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Barcode SS

This hot little number goes for a cool $199 [5] online.


I have no idea how to tell time on this contagious watch [6], so don't ask!

Star Performer IP

Not only does this model tell the time [7], but it tells you the date as well! At least this one is easier to read!

Active Reactor

You'll have to have some quick math skills and great vision to figure out the time on this "dangerous" [8] watch! Adding the lights will get you the time.


This lightweight LED watch [9] weighs one third of other LED watches and is probably the easiest to read! Lights trail up the side of the display stopping at each number in the current time.


One of TokyoFlash's most popular watches [10], this stainless steel band tells you the hour in red dots, the quarter hours in green, and the minutes in yellow.

C Version Gunmetal

Looks like something your little brother would have wanted [11] when you were little kids, right!?

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